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hernandezroyfrancisyo hi guys it's me ranz2000, thank you for playing with me on the past 2013...... when i was playing minecraft i dont how to begin with. i was confused to how to play this blocky wierd game. i was breaking dirt for no reason, but then..... i started making ideas, to build a house ( but i dont know how to craft those wierd materials in that game ) a house made by dirt. then i started to build other things, and then i realize there's a multiplayer server it's called Alanthya with a magistical wierd with a rainbow chat in the description. then i clicked on it i realized it was the wrong version i played.... 1.5.2 the version of this server was 1.7.2...... i was so exited to play multiplayer for the first time in my life. in the 3 week ago i started downloading 1.7.2 version of the game, then i clicked the server named alanthya, then i saw A FREAKING AMAZING BUILDS LIKE WTF.......sorry, i got shocked of the builds, but i saw the sign is saying /register [password] im so confused how to register like that XD..... but then i figured it out in the past 30 minutes ago to how register hahahahaha. then i registered my password, then i can finnally play now XD..... i explored this server in diffrent buildings and diffrent areas i enterned, it's so cool seriously. my name was ranz my old account...... then in the next 1 week ago i met love a wierd name ( i didn't know she was a girl all a long XD ) she showed me her house, a dirt house in the desert, but the other players said it was lame, but i like her build ( still dont know that she's a girl XD ) in the past 20 minutes ago we met mimi a player we met in the /warp wild 1, i saw them building a big rectangle house and that's how we met mimi :)..............still dont know that she's a girl...... in the past 1 week ago i met leyea1, leyea5's old account, we saw him in /wapr wild 1 while where building a cafe building, then he helped us while where building a cafe building, and that's how i met my best friend leyea5.................. i meeted my new friends love, leyea5, moddex he helped me in /warp wild 1 to kill the grifers XD, assman, keralis, dovenaut i didn't know that his an admin, we met in /warp gutter while we playing and then we reached wave 51, kavedwellar my badass friend XD, lilcrazie, MCph, KaptainSparklez, and espcially i met the owner of this server astr1al tadantantadantadantantadan. thank you guys so much for playing with me i will go now in a diffrent adventure just like minecraft hehehe ( just kidding i still playing this server ).
- ranz2000 the legendary kid and handsosme kid and the most skillfull pvp and i think that's too much
This is just a short video I made just to keep you entertain...
harrsjobacken alanthya is dead :(
Cuffkid123   So is your father. That's why he hasn't came back. :)
trulax   stfu
_FrostByte   registered to Alanthya: Beyond Minecraft
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Cuffkid123   Welcome Bruh
Lowdro hope all of you are still alive out there lol
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Cuffkid123 Literally f*cking cancer dud.
Gamecube startup 4 billion times.
The adboycott got me.
Eric03   Aren't u cancer itself?
Cuffkid123   Nop, ur mum iz
Eric03What's up the cancer is back
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Cuffkid123   Fuck off
predatorsoul   registered to Alanthya: Beyond Minecraft
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FishermanWou I somehow managed to remember my password. Is the server still alive? I left because It was completely unplayable for months,could not put single block because of lag.
I really liked it here tho :^)
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****************************   server is still running
Cop69   :d missed ya :p
Theman1258Hey guys, hope you all are doing well. I just wanted to share with you guys the second epic video by the Truly Terrible Gamers themselves. Sorry for the long wait with this video, but I'm hoping that this summer we'll be in big production! Take care guys!
Candice Debébé's Incredibly Trick Lifestyle - TTG
It's not easy being sleazy you guys!
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Stray_Warrior   lol if I may make a sugguestion for the next review [link] <--- Im sure you can do something with this abomination XD
Slinx_911   why u advertising
Slinx_911 this server seems like its officially died
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****************************   how can he hang himself is he is dead ? Do you know something we don't cuffkid123 ? *x files music*
Cuffkid123   Lol
Cop69   Alanthya will never truly die for i will always return :)
xXCrackHeadXxHello :3
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Cuffkid123   Fag
MsGanondorfEvery time I get on no one else is on *yawn*
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Stray_Warrior   created a new thread Alanthya revamp? in the General Server Talk forum
SpookTheSkeleton So... I'm kinda back and have been making music
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