I came up with a few ideas for donation rewards today take a look at the list and tell me if you like any of them.

-/repair command: player has access for the command /repair with a 30-60min cool-down per use. price: 10$

-custom enchant store permissions: player has access to right-click a sign and apply a custom enchant to an item for a set price in rupies.
donation price: 15$ price per enchant purchase: (varied depending on enchant)

-raid pack: comes with 64 air strikes 1 grenade launcher 128 gunpowder and 64 tnt. Price: 2.50$

-miner pack: comes with 1 diamond pickaxe (effic v unb 3 fortune 3) 1 set of enchanted miner armor(blast protection v unbreaking 3) and 64 torches. Price: 3$

-starter pvp pack: comes with 1 set of uncommon diamond armor(prot 2 unb 2) 1 uncommon diamond sword(sharp 2 unb 2 kb 2) 1 uncommon diamond axe (sharp 2 unb 2) and 1 uncommon bow(pow2 unb 2 infinity1) Price: 3.50$-4$

-stealth pack: comes with 1 cloak charm, 1 maze runner blade(sharp 1 unb 3 fire 2) 64 stacked splash weakness II potions, and 64 stacked nausea potions. Price: 2.50$

- beginner supply crate: comes with 64 god apples, 32 book shelves, 1 enchant table, 1 enderchest, 1 crafting table, 12 end portal frames, 12 eye of ender, 64 logs, 64 iron ingots, 64 gold ingots, 64 redstone dust, 15 diamonds. Price: 2-3$

-Advanced supply crate: comes with 1 hunger charm, 128 god apples, 2 ore world runes, 64 diamonds, 128 iron ingots, 128 gold ingots, 4 protection iv books 4 unb 3 books, 1 sharpness v book, 1 infinity book, and 1 fortune 3 book. Price: 4-5$

-pet supplies:
-rare candy x64 2$
-extra pet slots(if possible) 1$ each

-?Gamble?: Price:1$ or 100 points Gives player randomly generated item anywhere from dirt to diamonds to a rare piece of lore armor(maybe)?

anyway those are the ideas I have, let me know if you like any of them :p