What is this? This contest will be run over a period of an estimated two months. The overall contest will be split into weekly challenges that offer small rewards, but the end result is what will gain the big rewards. The contest is to build a city, but the weekly challenges are only parts that build your city Eg. Roads or buildings.

How to Play: An admin will post a thread in the news forum stating what the weekly challenge is to build and what the prizes are. You are then to go and build this (Find a place with a lot of room, your city may want to expand.) without any help from anyone in creative mode and all materials must be obtained legitly. If your builds are caught with any blocks built by a creative account, you will be forfeited from the rest of the contest. Once your build is complete you then post the
co-ordinates of your build in the thread along with all accounts who helped you build it. You may then proceed to ask an admin in-game to check your build, ONLY after your forum post has been added to the weekly challenge thread. Challenge rewards may differ and the end winner of the contest is measured by how good your overall city looks. Staff may not enter this officially, Although they may build for fun.

The end prize may even be a much coveted God Stone!


Week 1